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Prashanti Gurukulam provides a comfortable dormitory type accommodation separately for boys and girls. The residential hostel is a caring community offering a home away from home. Every aspect of Hostel life is carefully designed to provide a surpassing atmosphere for children to learn and grow. The hostel plays a major role in the learning experience of children featuring a wide portfolio of integral activities contributing to character moulding and total personality development perfectly in tune with the Indian way of life.

The highlights of hostel include a thoroughly regulated Indian way of life, prayers and spiritual activities, healthy and hygienic food and comfortable dining arrangements, amenities and facilities for a comfortable stay, refreshing recreational facilities, sports and games. The best part of the hostel is an expert and caring elderly assistance for children to learn appreciable manners and behavior in addition to supplementing the academic instruction at the School.

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About the Hostel, RULES & REGULATION
  • The hostel is fully equipped and committed to meet the needs of a happy and comfortable life of the children.

  • The Hostel provides a loving care and homely atmosphere for children assuring a happy and joyful life. Hostel cannot be held responsible if a child should run away without intimation. Strictly, such children will not be admitted in the school once again.

  • Therefore, through adequate counseling, it is the primary responsibility and duty of parents to ensure this does not happen with their children.

  • The management will arrange for the children to talk their parents over phone from the school either on Saturdays or Sundays as per the available schedule.

  • Parents are not entertained to directly make a call to their children.

  • In case of special or emergency needs, they can contact the Principal anytime. If any special or emergency message is to be conveyed to the parents, the Principal will personally contact the parents through the numbers available in the register.

  • Parents can visit their children only on the first and third Sundays of every month between 12.00 noon and 5.00 pm as per the schedule printed and given in the calendar.

  • During the days of parents visit, parents can join their children for lunch at the School by purchasing food tokens from the school office.

  • No visits other than those permitted as per the calendar are encouraged. On special and emergency requirements, the parents have to obtain prior permission from the principal to visit the school.

  • During parents visits, the parents are not permitted to take their children outside the school campus. While parents can get some eatables to their children during their visit, they are also not permitted to leave anything with the children to be stored in their cupboards.

  • Discipline is of primordial importance in the Hostel life. While every effort is taken by the hostel to bring out the best in the children, conscious violation of rules and regulations and repeated misbehavior will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion of the concerned students from the hostel.


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