Governed by KanchiPuram S.M Silks



Prashanti Gurukulam has classes from V Std to XII Std. In the XI class (Senior Secondary Level), the school offers the following subjects: Languages: English Core, English Elective, Functional English, Hindi Core, Hindi Elective, Sanskrit Core, Sanskrit Elective & Tamil. Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Business Studies, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Graphics, Multimedia & Web Technology and Introduction to Media Studies

Prashanti Gurukulam follows an open admission policy purely based on merit decided by the performance of the students in the previous school and in the admission test conducted by the school.

Admission at Prashanti Gurukulam is a simple one-day process requiring a few hours of visit to the school. Parents seeking admission to their children can get the student to the school on any convenient day after fixing up an appointment with the principal over phone. Parents need to purchase an application form from the school office and submit it after duly filling the same with all the necessary details pertaining to the student and parents. Following a preliminary discussion, the student will be given a general admission test to ascertain their eligibility to enter the respective class. The result of the test will be intimated to the parents immediately followed by an interview. If the student is selected, the parents can go ahead with the other formalities for admission.




Are you ready to join our institute.

We are currently accepting applications for Grades V std to XI std ( SSL ) for the
2018-19 th academic year.

Fee Structure for 2018 - 19
S. No.ClassEducation FeesBooks, Note Books, Uniform, Shoe Fees Smart Class Fees Total
1. L.K.G11,0004,000100016,000
2. U.K.G11,0004,000100016,000
3. 1st12,0005,000100018,000
4. IInd12,0005,000100018,000
5. IIIrd13,0006,000100020,000
6. IVth13,0006,000100020,000
7. Vth14,0007,000100022,000
8. VIth16,0008,000100025,000
9. VIIth17,0008,000100026,000
10. VIIIth18,0008,000100027,000
11. IXth28,00010,000500043,000
12. Xth30,00010,000500045,000
13. XIth35,00012,000500052,000
14. XIIth35,00012,000500052,000
S. No.ClassLodging fees, laundry charges, Medical chargesSchool FeesTotal
1. VIth70,00025,00095,000
2. VIIth70,00026,00096,000
3. VIIIth70,00027,00097,000
4. IXth80,00043,0001,23,000
5. Xth80,00045,0001,25,000
6. XIth90,00052,0001,42,000
7. XIIth90,00052,0001,42,000
S. No.KilometersAmount
1. 1 to 5 Km5,500
2.Up to 10 km8,000
3.Up to 15 km12,000